Daniel Kahneman Nobel Laureate,2002, on the effectiveness of sophisticated mathematical models that some hedge funds have used to make money.
Charlie Rose Show, Feb 2012
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Tiger Technologies conducts and supports theoretical research in the field of mathematics and physical sciences.

We apply this research is in the field of investment management. Please feel free to browse some of the articles on financial applications of our research in the blog.

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A Mathematical Approach to Stock Investing

There are several approaches to investing in the stock market; the traditional methods like fundamental analysis, technical analysis, indexing and the more modern techniques like systematic or algorithmic trading.

But there is one thing common across all of these techniques: the reliance on past patterns to predict the futureThis approach, that relies on past performance or past patterns to predict future movements, is called autocorrelation…

Constructing a Robust Absolute Return Portfolio

An absolute return portfolio should be able to make positive returns under all market conditions, thus it needs instruments that can generate positive returns regardless of the market direction.At a fundamental level there are three types of market environments, Trend, Noise and Shock.

Each asset class behaves differently in each market environment and managing the portfolio exposure to each asset class based on the volatility environment can be the key to creating a robust absolute return portfolio...

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